Wednesday, March 12, 2008

please pray for liam & his dad

liam's dad has been in hospital for the past week w/ pneumonia and we just got "the call" - it's not sure what the real "doctor" information is as this has filtered through his dad, to step-mom, who is melodramatic at the best of times, to liam's brother and to us - but the word was originally "he's not going to pull through".

since then we've found out that this is probably a bit of an over-reaction. it will be life-threatening, but the timing is probably not as urgent as we were led to believe originally. anyway - please pray.

his family puts the dys in dysfunctional and more than anything i would pray that they would work together through this - and not at each other.

this is the first death liam will experience personally in his life when it happens, he was with me when my mom died, but they really didn't know each other very well, so it wasn't very emotional. he has said everything he needed to say to his dad when we were there last summer - so we're not really sure how this will all play out. we're just so very far away.



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I'm praying as well, Bobbie.

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praying also