Sunday, December 21, 2008

ted haggard struggles with sexuality

Ted Haggard documentary to air on HBO in January - should be interesting to see what this adds to the discussion.


anj said...

Is it too much to hope for a little honesty and a lot of repentance for judgments against those that struggle with what we struggle with?? How about a naming of the need for the body of Christ to allow homosexuals to live in the Light? Oh - hope springs eternal. My 16 year old asked me the other day why the church is so obsessed with homosexuality.

Togenberg said...

As anj says (comment above), the church does seem obsessed with homosexuality. It's a magical sin and a litmus test.

i would be curious to watch the HBO special (if I had HBO) but I'd worry that the thing would be sensationalized, that proper science and pyschology would not be incorporated (e.g., childhood same-sex play made him potentially gay, he 'recovered', etc.).

I have disliked the public person of Ted Haggard (no pretense to knowing "him"), but I have compassion for his actual self. I can't imagine the shame and pain of climbing and falling off of the ladder of system that obsesses and loathes something you are.

bobbie said...

it is my theory that if he owned his sexuality - whatever that was and began to heal in whatever way that looked he would have one of the strongest stories to tell.

i don't know if hbo will do a decent job of this or not, but i love that he has stepped outside of the confines of the church to begin to tell his story.

like you said Tog - as a public figure he turns my stomach, but as a private man i feel his pain.

it will be interesting to see the response of the church to this broadcast. most likely he will have done himself out of any future within those "sanctified" walls.