Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ted Haggard/Oprah Interview

I'm watching the clips from the Ted Haggard/Oprah interview on the Huffington Post - and I don't know what happened in the whole show, but the truth and honesty he is using in the clips they show really touches my heart deeply. The lack of shame he is sitting with as he tells his story is beautiful. I don't know about any of it except as a fellow addict I find deep connection with his story and am so glad he has found some semblance of recovery.

Godspeed Ted! You're in my prayers.

The Huffington Post: Ted Haggard, Oprah Interview clips


Jim Davis, IA said...

Puleez... Ted? You don't seem to understand how transparent your lies are about not being gay. Yeah...Hetero with "attachments." Nice try. You are in such incredibly deep denial. You are the type that will commit suicide and then say "I'd rather be dead than gay." Yeah, you have no choice but to come out and talk about how wonderful it is that you were caught. Gimme a break. You are not straight with gay "attachments." You are GAY in HUGE DENIAL!

bobbie said...

I don't have a horse in the race for hetro/homosexual - so I didn't hear his words from that context, but I can totally understand how hard that would be to hear anything else.

As a sexual addict I am hearing this differently. He is at the beginning of a very long road, and in the months that he has been dealing with this there is healing in some of his words. Is he there yet, not by any chance, but I think he is making a good start.

Togenberg said...

I am not sure that "straight with gay attachments" is a valid description.

He could be a victim of childhood sexual abuse and/or bisexual.

But the thing that bothers me is that in his circles he can't/mustn't/daren't be gay.

Where is the truth and the place for it?

bobbie said...

i totally agree Tog - and i'm hoping that it forces both him and "his circles" to a bigger conversation - and that he finds a place in the kingdom of god where he can be himself, honest and whole.