Sunday, February 13, 2005

up with a sick kid tonight

well, by the forth time of having your sleep interrupted by a sick son you know it's going to be a rough night.

the last time he was at the end of my bed weeping unintelligible words. i quieted him and walked him back to his room where he abruptly turns on the light and i can finally understand what he's saying as he flips his blankets in the air 'i need help with my paperwork, help me with my paperwork.'

first grade must be harder than i remembered... he was like a little charlie sheen in the end of wall street, panicked, sweaty and very concerned with paperwork... poor kid.

i used to hallucinate with high fevers all the time when i was little. mine were spiders crawling all over the walls. i'd scream in terror. sobbing is definitely a better way to be awakened from a dead sleep than high pitched shrieks.

needless to say i won't be at church tomorrow (today) and we'll be hanging around home for the duration. hope i can get a nap...

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