Sunday, October 09, 2005

how to suprise your husband

we decided to skip church this a.m. to give us an extra window of time to accomplish everything we need to do before we depart for nywc tomorrow (and possibly 3 weeks away from home). lots of laundry happening here. i had just turned the wet clothes into the dryer and started another load.

my father and liam were doing some work at the washing machine as i headed upstairs. i sat down at the computer and realized i couldn't hear the dryer, meaning that i forgot to turn it on. i walked back downstairs and found liam and my dad in conversation with their backs to me at the washing machine. i touched liam's butt to ask him to move out of the way and he turned around with a shocked look on his face, and then relief.

'oh good, i didn't know you were down here.' meaning he was concerned at the possibility of a goose from my dad. we all had a quite a good laugh.

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