Thursday, October 06, 2005

on your mark... get set... go

well, liam and i have just finally sat down and mapped out october. it is going to be a full one, filled with lots of wonder and travel. it hardly seems real.

my in laws arrive on monday to watch the kids while liam and i volunteer at the nywc next week. all expenses covered to go and encourage youth workers - it hardly seems like we should be paying them instead. i can't imagine anything we'd rather do right now, and it will be a wonderful time spending a week with the two of us in the 'big city'.

the next week the inlaws are taking our kids to massenutten, va for a vacation and we're following tuesday after we help pack up the convention. we're there for almost a week and then, drum roll.... we think we're heading up to new brunswick to look at the school liam (and possibly i) are interested in attending...

this is HUGE and a large part of what 'next' might actually look like. we've still got tons of details to confirm and set up - but we know that if it's a real possibility we've got to get up there to look around and see if it's a 'real possiblity'. 3 weeks away - i can hardly believe it.

i am so looking forward to being away from town! we've become evil reminders to our friends at how shallow they are for staying at a church that would make such crummy choices and not expose the sin that lead to all of this. nobody really wants us around - they'd much rather live in their denial and chaotic lives, so we've decided to let them! (gracious of us isn't it??)

the children's director (god forbid she'd be called a pastor...) just took pink and buck out for lunch. i guess it was her attempt at soothing her soul, it was a nice gesture though. pink and buck really didn't want to go, but did anyway. afterward she sat at our dining room table, trying to encourage us, but so unable to live in the reality of her 'two truths' that it was just painful for all of us. i guess it's easier for everyone to believe the spin.

i'm at the point of just wishing they'd all just leave us alone. we were doing so great before she arrived, making plans for our future, now we just feel like our fish tank got stirred and all of the muck is floating around again. come on filters - get rid of the junk please!! :)

so that's what's happening at our house. what's life doing at your's??

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