Tuesday, October 04, 2005

mommy needs to go back to 2nd grade...

that was the comment my daughter's 2nd grade teacher made because of the mistakes i made correcting her math homework two years ago. it was the biggest clue to help me realize that my daughter and i have the same math processing dysfunction. she would make the same basic math mistake i would have and my eyes and brain would never catch it. her teacher did, and although it stung she was right. even the most basic math causes me to break out into a cold sweat.

so today is 'math test day'... i became so stressed out by the fact that my children were being tested - but really their teacher was being tested even more. if they failed, i failed. and i HATE TO FAIL! it makes me feel so stupid, rakes up all of my childhood shame and makes me want to hide.

so to top it off my son finishes the first page of his test and says 'hey mom, i've got pink's test, not mine. i was wondering why this was so hard...'

it's a good thing we've got support with the cyberschool otherwise my children would be s.o.l. poor kids.

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