Wednesday, January 25, 2006

globalgirl dream meme

connie at dawsonwood has shared her answers to idelette's dream questions and i've been stumped with writing lately - so maybe this will jar something loose...

Three places I'd love to go

  1. Africa
  2. GB - i covet every year when everyone posts they are headed to greenbelt - i would one day like to join them.
  3. Vancouver - to see stephanie again for a time when she is not working so we can relax and play and maybe even cook together.

Three things I'd love to do

  1. like connie, i too would love to be safe enough inside my skin to dance in public - no ballet or performance, just freedom of movement without being so self-conscious and encumbered by my lack of rhythm.
  2. paint/sculpt/throw the clay - actually just to find my medium - i know it's out there, or in here, or somewhere - i just haven't found it yet
  3. to find those whales migrating through this season and feel the joy and freedom of their existance. it's as close as i'll ever come to being the whale rider - but it will be enough.
Three things I'd love to accomplish

  1. plant a community
  2. create a third space coffee house
  3. write and publish all of the books floating in the atmosphere of my brain

Three skills I'd like to acquire

  1. the ability to focus long enough on ONE project to see it to completion
  2. the drive to gather enough like minded people together to cast a vision and harness the power of the collective brain trust to bring light, life and hope to a community.
  3. the ability to trust those around me enough to allow them the freedom from my co-dependency so that i am not terrified they won't need me if they don't NEED me like they do right now.
Ten things I'd really love to have

  1. a location for our third space/coffee house/art studio/meeting room/performance stage
  2. a home that is really our's to stay/live/nurture/become rooted in
  3. financial security so we can share/build/give/create
  4. a new, comfortable mattress
  5. a nice long harvest table w/ sturdy, old, comfortable chairs to build new memories around
  6. current laptop & printer
  7. art studio w/ supplies
  8. pink & buck's bedrooms designed and finished like they dream of
  9. REALLY WARM SLIPPERS! (my feet are always freezing)
  10. 2 sturdy, reliable vehicles owned outright
Three relationships I'd love to nurture - wow, this one is harder than i thought it would be...

  1. the friendships made here online and at the path - amazing people all of you
  2. my daughter pink - my son's relationship seems more natural, i need to work at my relationship with my daughter, and i want to make that a priority
  3. our new community here, can't be any more specific than that right now i guess
this is only step 1 - the rest will take some time and meditiation. i may or may not share them with you all depending on how personal (or if i actually get it done).

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