Saturday, January 14, 2006

a million little lies?

The Smoking Gun Article - A Million Little Lies - January 8, 2006

i never read the book because of his arrogance in dealing with his supposed addictions and slamming AA - i was sad that oprah was promoting it for that reason - and now after reading this article am really sad that far too many people have been influenced by his falsehoods and lies.

it's terrifying that better research wasn't done prior to his fame and fortune and influence. he reminds me of one of my favorite teens from our last church. great heart, but you couldn't believe a word he said. the stories were always grand, gross and filled with violence and his own bravado. the pathology becomes so repeated that i truly believe they begin to believe their own embellishments and lies.

oh the damage of a story when it is not true. i'd be interested to hear if anyone has read it, or been influenced by it, especially the recovery aspects he promotes - his 'hold on' mentality of white-knuckling your addictions while still living a lifestyle that is surrounded by the drugs and alcohol. i think it's a dangerous, dangerous claim.

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