Sunday, January 08, 2006

safe and sound!

hi all,

just blogging from the hotel in portland - we returned the moving van last night and are taking dad to the airport this a.m. (sigh...)

move was wonderful - i never want to have to have to be responsible for a 26' vehicle again - the different ways you have to think when you travel with a truck are exhausting!

border guards were fun and friendly and almost 30 people helped us move in in under ONE HOUR!! we feel very welcome, safe and HOME! yipee! the house is ENORMOUS and the kids are having a ball - there is even a secret passage out to the barn/garage in the upstairs - will be fun for pink and buck when the weather gets a bit warmer.

so, i have no idea when the cable goes in and i'll get another chance to blog, but i wanted to quickly update and thank all of you for your prayers, they are working!

much love!

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