Wednesday, February 01, 2006

almost there!

i had a brainstorm lastnight to just change the template on the family blog to restore it and it worked and gave me the confidence to play with this blog template. we're almost there. the background image (white page) is missing in the template, so i've written the wonderfully generous designer and asked for her help. hopefully we'll get that placed in (so the blog is easier on the eyes - too hard to read that tiny type on brown!) oh, and i can't seem to get my comments working - so that's got to be fixed too... sigh!

i may play with some of the font sizes a bit too, but i'm really happy with it other than that.

i really needed a change 'here' too!


1 comment:

bobbie said...

well, you can see i've given up on haloscan comments for the moment (forever?) and got these to work - yipee!

now if i can just find the graphic for the page in back of the type... sigh.