Saturday, April 01, 2006

details, finally!

sorry, you have all been so faithful in your encouragement, erin reminded me that i'm torturing you all by not posting... my apologies.

liam had an interview 2 weeks ago for a 'real' position. we didn't put a lot of stock in it because of the last one, i guess we didn't want to get our hopes crushed again. and we were on the path to becoming self-supporting artists, so we weren't pining away like before. but he got the phone call, negotiated the package and accepted the job!

liam is now the 'executive director of community living' for our county. it's a provincially funded program and it's going to be great for him (for us) as he is so well suited for it. it's a very self directed position and he is responsible for the social activities for those in our county who are in need of mental health support. i described it like a cruise director of sorts. he plans field trips and outings, sets up life skills classes and coffee bars. kind of creating safe places for them and basically becomes their friend and advocate.

the position pays well, provides him with a cell phone, lap top and the ability to do all of the really amazing things in the area. and if i want i can volunteer and go along. the space between our ears and shoulders has lowered by at least three inches!

we also have our next 'home' worked out (it's directly across from the glass artist who is apprenticing me!) and the house back in pennsylvania closes this friday. yippee! it's been a great week here!

we headed to 'the big city' yesterday and took the kids to see 'ice age 2' and had a late night dinner at the epitome of canadian dining - swiss chalet!

again, thank you all for your prayers and support through this - we would have NEVER made it through without you!

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