Friday, April 07, 2006

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name five experiences of the performing arts that have touched or tickled you.

i haven't been to many live performances, so most of my memories have been me on stage in skits of goofy proportions...

1. my favorite time of personally being on stage i blogged about here: five golden rings

2. middle school was a time of a lot of 'talent shows' and since i couldn't sing or play an instrument i was in A LOT of skits. the caveman dating game in 7th grade makes me groan just thinking about it... we also had 9 of us stacked in a square on stage doing a group 'hustle' in our bell-bottoms and platforms!! (hey it was 1978!)

3. i did get to see Crazy for You in Toronto at one time about 13 years ago with mickey rooney.

4. taking my daughter to her first play - high school cinderella w/ mcnair wilson in tow! ha! what a horrible rendition, but my daughter fell in love with live theatre!

5. once in bible college we were promoting the christmas banquet during chapel - and one of my best friends decided to be santa and dance around to 'santa's (papa's) got a brand new bag' - 3 of us where her elves - and she made us costumes, short bright green mini dresses and matching elf hats - we looked HOT - danced all over the stage and we offended my favorite old professor and he walked out of chapel in protest. talk about trying to keep the show going when it should really just screech to a halt... oh well, at least we looked good! ha!

So what's your top five?


1. Erin

2. Stephanie

3. Anj

4. Renee

5. Hope

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