Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I meme

thank you sarah louise for tagging me as i have tons of other things i should be doing, but would rather blog...

I AM: finding my way
I WANT: to exercise more
I WISH: i had better skin
I HATE: mean people
I LOVE: family
I MISS: my dad
I FEAR: going crazy
I HEAR: my wind chimes
I WONDER: why god didn't make things clearer
I REGRET: not finding my voice sooner
I AM NOT: going to break my abstinence today
I DANCE: when no one is looking
I SING: hymns really loud from memory
I CRY: when i find redemption stories
I AM NOT ALWAYS: confident
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a home for my family
I WRITE: about where i'm at as honestly as i can
I CONFUSE: liam's emotions with my own
I NEED: to find a spiritual director
I SHOULD: be writing the two emails i am avoiding
I START: a lot of things i rarely finish
I FINISH: more than i used to
I TAG: neritia, renee, stephanie, anj, tammy jo, deb, hope

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