Thursday, June 15, 2006 : The skinny on trans fats in fast food

as a child i was raised on trans fats - my binge food of choice was filled with it that horrible white cream filling. liam and i have banned it from our home for almost a year now and it gives me a lot of peace knowing that i won't be doing to my kids what was done to us.

we need to put pressure on fast food and grocery stores here in canada to clean up their acts. raising children in this fast paced culture sometimes necessitates quick meals - our options are very limited at times. even the loblaws chain of grocery stores still has tons of trans fats in their bakery section of the store.

here is a great article from the globe & mail regarding kids quick meals at the big chains: : The skinny on trans fats in fast food

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Lorna said...

Id never heard of trans fats until I visited Canada last month. We label things differently here in Finland :)