Friday, June 16, 2006

the haters have found me!

the haters have found me! somehow i've gotten a link from lighthouse trails (i won't do them the favor of linking back - you'll have to do the search yourself) on their rob bell page. they've used my blog as a link for one of their quotes - which i have no idea how i got chosen for it. i have posted about rob, but i don't know where that quote was from???

so, if you've gotten to me from lighthouse trails - hi, welcome - you'll find grace here. i know it pains you that the kingdom is far bigger than you can control or imagine - but we're all gonna be in heaven so you might as well welcome us now! peace on your journey!


Laura said...

What an honor! I didn't know any such thing existed.

Patchouli said...

I wonder what they would think about egalitarianism?
Burn the witch!

clhsketch said...

Thanks for pointing these bozos out. I had no idea that someone would have a problem with comtemplative spirituality, seeing that it has been in the church since it began. Hell, I would say that Jesus was a contemplative. So many of the great minds and hearts of the church were contemplatives. People like Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, Meister Ekhart, Sadhu Sundar Singh, and many many others. These "trail" people really are haters. They need to get a life and stop hating people who obviously love God and Jesus and who are trying to expanded the kingdom, not contract it.

Keep up the great sharing and inspiration Bobbie. I love your blog.

Matthew Glock said...

The web is definetely a place of great glory and great shame. It is unfortunate that those who spew hate seems to be the most organized in using its reach to get their message out. Kinda like the pornographers. Now there's a parallel that I'm not ready to explore.

Thank you for being a place of grace and light. Keep your light shining.


bobbie said...

ha! i haven't had this many comments in ages! thanks for your support!

matthew - i think there is truly a parallel here - and i think it really does have to do with shame-mongering.

i didn't put a link up because then it would have brought them here to argue - i have no energy for that kind of war. light and life please! let's pour our energy into light and life!

aBhantiarna Solas said...

yeah ... I've been on their site before ... for a good laugh! What's sad is that they spend so much time and energy on ensuring that the "truth is proclaimed" and none on "freeing the captives," or "feeding the hungry," or "giving a drink to the thirsty," or any of the other things that Jesus actually said were important. They need to read the Sermon on the Mount again and pay particular attention to that bit about splinters and logs.

Here's to light and life, Sonja

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a very legalistic, somewhat sad website. I'm so glad that people reached out to me and helped me to find Jesus before I delved into sites like that one. Like its design, it is quite dark.

Arthur said...

I'm not even going to bother looking them up.

You just keep shining your light into the darkness.