Friday, June 30, 2006

natural disasters

we have found out in the past 36 hours that two of our loved ones have been affected by catastrophes of epic proportions. our compassion son in indonesia, yeremiah and his family lived through the last earthquake in jakarta, but their family has lost it's roof. we're hoping to be of help in getting that replaced. the relief to know they are safe and sound is huge. that part of the world has been so rocked by every health crisis and problem lately. i have no idea of the affect it would have on one so very young.

the other issue is that my sister lives on the tippy top of a mountain in the center of the mess that is happening in the NY/PA flooding. Their home is safe, but their roads and bridges are out. i got an email yesterday that they were down to their last 2 cans of formula and debating using milk. yuck. big sister tried to discourage that experiment as i remember how my own two responded to milk months past where my neice is now.

as she got down to her last can she began to pray. 15 minutes later the fire department called and within a couple of hours they had 2 more cans of formula, 2 packs of pampers and 2 dozen bottles of water. thank you god, thank you fire department - i just love that the needs of my family were met so dramatically in the middle of what so many are enduring in those floods.

any prayers would be appreciated!


Kelli B said...

Wow. That is amazing! God is so intricate - so near to us.

I'm glad to see how He has provided for your family.

Thanks for the story!

Aola said...

That's a great story, thanks for sharing it.

lisa said...

Wow, Bobbie! I'll be praying. And thanks so much for your prayers for me, sister! Keep us posted!