Tuesday, June 13, 2006

settling in

well we're in and it feels SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

to know that we don't have to move for a decent amount of time has all of us breathing a sigh of relief. thanks for your prayers!

now i just have to go back and clean the other house before the owners move in next week... sigh.

we JUST got online and while i have missed catching up on all of your lives (and blogging mine - why is it you can think of so many things to blog about when you have NO access to the internet??) i have gotten so much done. the kitchen is all set up and it's so wonderful to have my blue & white dishes out again! i kept them in storage for this last move, and it was like christmas opening the boxes and unwrapping each precious item. they are a mix and match hodge podge of dishes mostly collected by my mother-in-law and she passed them on to me. i have added a lot of unique pieces and tea pots - and i even have a china cabinet (left by the owners) to display it all in. it looks really pretty.

it was so fun to hear people's comments as they helped us move (over 20 people showed up in the pouring rain on saturday to help us move - this is an amazing community!). most of my decorations were up on the walls already and it really felt like home. most of all my refitted chandelier was installed by my blessed husband in the foyer and it looks so very grand! i'll make sure to include a picture as it was also in storage and i had forgotten what a beautiful piece it is. it was a couple of bucks at a garage sale, painted gun metal grey - dull as ashes - but i saw it's potential and took it all apart, painted it and liam re-wired it for me.

once i had put it all back together i realized it wasn't the kind that had the place for the cute little lampshades, all of the bulbs were upside down - pointing at the floor. we brainstormed for weeks trying to figure out what to do. we tried to re-fit ceiling fan shades and all sorts of glass. nothing worked. we then set upon the idea of having to craft beaded shades for each of the five bulbs. we knew that was going to be tons of work - and then we saw the pre-made ribbon with the bead fringe and a couple yards later we had a glorious lamp.

people actually gasp when they see it. it's so pretty that i feel unworthy of it - isn't that weird? something i made myself - but it's so pretty that i feel it's almost past me... says far too much about my self esteem doesn't it?

oh well - we're in and back online and i can't wait to catch up on all of your lives again! missed you!


Hope said...

beautiful chandelier and beautiful woman match. Hugs from me to you.

steph said...

Yahoo....you are in! The chandelier is gorgeous too. All those hours or scrubbing and work and how you can snuggle into your new place, enjoy the summer that is arriving and relax.

Sounds great.