Thursday, September 21, 2006

celebrating in civilization

liam and i are in the 'big city' for a night to celebrate our 19th anniversary. it's actually next week, but he had a mini-conference for work and so i'm blogging from the hotel. yipee!

kids are being well cared for at friend's house and we have the next couple of days to be together.

i'm off to the 'mall' - it's been literally years since i've really set foot in one - fear and loathing... but maybe a bookstore and a starbucks?? worth braving the plastic zone for a cuppa!

peace to all and THANK YOU for your incredible support of my last post - i am so moved by your kind comments and words. i intend to unpack those thoughts more soon. much love!


Amy A. said...

Happy early anniversary. Hope you have a great, relaxing, romantic time.

PS. The mall isn't that bad! Go find a bath and body works and rub all that wonderful lotion in! mmm.

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary, you two. It's quite an achievement. Not only that you've survived together, but that you're focused on getting it better. Great role models!