Monday, January 15, 2007

snow, real snow!

i do live in canada! ha!

the forecast said today would have snow, but i don't think any of us believed them anymore! the kids went to school, but got sent home early. it looks like we might have enough snow soon to actually play in!


Sonja said...

I am trying very, very hard to not be jealous of you ... in 60+ degree weather in my sandals. It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there is real snow in other parts of Canada... the west coast!

Kel said...

i'm with sonja
green with envy
sweltering through 35-40+ degrees celsuis while living in a shed/studio

i love snow
but have never lived in it (apart from a week or two at ski resorts)

judi said...

snow...the closest thing we got to snow was a very short snow squall about two weeks ago. you'd no sooner notice it and think 'wow,it's snow, it really is winter!' than it was gone.

enjoy. i just loved those snow days as a kid :-)

Alexis said...

I live in England - we do not get "snow" merely "divine dandruff" - I want snow, and not just the light dusting, I want "phump!" snow the snow that seals you in, and makes you wonder if there is enough food in the pantry . . .for a week, or two. . .or maybe even longer.

The last such wonderful experience I had was when I lived in DC in . . .'95 I think, . . . it began in the early afternoon, fat, pregnant flakes . . . within an hour everything (including my shop) was shutting and people were scurrying home. By nightfall you could not see the tyres on the car, and by morning . . . you could not see the car!

It was wonderful!

I miss snow. I live in England.

bobbie said...

ha alexis - i too could use a couple of good weeks squirreled away from the world packed in by snow, but i think it might grow old more quickly than i dream it would.

sorry for the dandruff snow you get over the pond. maybe the weird weather global warming is causing will send you a real live blizzard!