Wednesday, January 17, 2007

words like ice

i'm not sure why, but my words have frozen here. i know you've noticed.

i regularly think 'oh i need to blog on that' or 'that would make a great post' but i sit down to write and it's gone.

last week was amazing, a lot is starting to come together here for me. so being busier and tired may have something to do with it - but it might be something else.

i find that questions are really helpful for me to write on - anyone? anything? please, ask away - i'd be happy to answer and have something interesting to post about. it's freezing here in more ways than one. maybe a question will thaw the ice around my words...


Amy A. said...

I think we are all at a loss for words.

A question: Have you done anything crafty or artistic you would like to show us?

Another: Do you think about writing a book at some point?

Kristin said...

Have you had a chance to visit any soup kitchens? If so, what kinds of thoughts or feelings were evoked?

I've thought of you a number of times in the last couple weeks and been inspired (no matter what you have or haven't done at this point--my comment isn't about time frames at all) by knowing someone who is pursuing a dream like you are. It seems like openness and baby steps (which often feel more like giant leaps) are a magic that can take any of us to places we never thought possible. Thanks so much for letting us watch the magic unfold in your life. It's very inspiring

curious servant said...

Question for you:

You write in your sidebar that you felt trapped as an opinionated woman.

It may be more true for women, perhaps particularly opinionated church going women, but all of us avoid speaking our minds.

For example... I have a number of readers who I call pharisees in my heart. Folks who feel that they are always right, that they repreent Christian truth. They seem to think that their beliefs are unquestionable and are the next best thing as the voice of God.

But, I say nothing. I tell myself it doesn't matter. That I needn't stir things up. That if they want to believe that God votes Republican and believes in the death penalty, fine. Who am I?

So... to the question...

What do you really want to say to the pharisees in your own church?

Trudging said...

Yes, a lot of us have the posting blues right now.

Something that keeps coming up for me is shame around being female in the church.

Ari said...

trudging: I know I feel that way right now, how sad for all women :(

onionboy said...

Quite times are good. One of the hardest things we can do is nothing.

Many of the blogs that were so busy last year have fallen quiet. I closed mine, as you know and moved to drawing, well with a few words still.

It's been very healthy.

Good health and good quiet to you, dear bobbie.

Candy said...

Yours is one of the strongest voices I have heard, bobbie. Although quiet is not all bad, your voice is important and I hope it resounds again soon. There are some great questions here.

bobbie said...

awesome - you guys are wonderful! i'll try to get to these over the next couple of days!!

Sarah Louise said...

Questions to thaw out bobbie:

When are you coming back to Pennyslvania to visit???

Maybe you could pull back into the archives of how you got to be you, like a formative childhood memory.

What music are you listening to right now? What music AREN'T you listening to right now?

Besides stilted dialogue, what scares you most about writing your books? (My answer: fear that I'm not good enough, which leads to procrastination supreme.)

Thawing out is important, but I liked what Onionboy said--sometimes we need the quiet frozen times.

Peace, SL

Natala said...

why do we do church? and is it horrible that i am helping run one and i still can't figure out why we do church? have you ever felt that?
how do you move past the feeling of not being good enough?

can you move to dc?

(ok that's not really serious, but hey, if you want too, that would also work) :)