Tuesday, January 09, 2007

we now return to regularly scheduled programing

it has been 18 days, wonderful days, but 18 of them - and my kids are FINALLY back to school! yippee!

if i owe you an email or you have responded kindly to my posts of late please know i have not been ignoring you. i want to write back in a way that responds to what you have said, not just gets you an email back. and i haven't had either the time or the mind space at the same time to do so. boy i can't wait until my office room is renovated. it will make it so much easier to read and write without having to be in the center of family life.

my son has decided that he is not a big fan of me writing about him. i made the mistake of telling him a story i remembered as i categorized some of my old blog posts. he was mortified. it moved him to tears to know that i had written these things about him. he and i have come to an agreement that i will talk to him about things before i write about him and get his permission. ugh. the past week of his life has been monumental. i told him last night as we prepared for bed that i wish we had determined this next month so that i could post about him and all of the amazing conversations we have had. i guess they're just for me (and him)... oh well.

i always seem to forget how much i love routine. i'm finding that i especially appreciate it when that structure is outside of me. mysteriously i respond well to it. having the kids back in school now i'm hopeful that i can get on top of the things that have gotten on top of me for the past week or so. getting the laundry done, the decorations down and have life return back to it's regularly scheduled programming will give me great joy.


cheryl said...

I too am relishing the "regularly scheduled programming".:)

Amy A. said...

I miss the kids, but I love the chunks of time to get things done. Or not get things done.

Unfortunately, when the kids got back on their schedule, it didn't mean I got back on mine. Still adjusting here.