Monday, September 01, 2008

sexual addiction is making the news

David Duchovny's sex disorder likened to alcoholism.

Is Sexual Addiction Real?

When Sex becomes an Addiction


Judi said...

bobbie, i'm not sure if you put this up just for information's sake... but i want to agree that is IS an addiction. i am a woman intern for harvest usa which is a ministry to the sexually broken...which means those who are addicted to porn, same sex attraction, fantasy, prostitution, etc... we also have a group for the wives of men who struggle with sexual issues...

i am proud to work with harvest folks, they are humble, godly, intelligent and funny people. contrary to what some may worry about, they do NOT shove a bible up anyone's nose, but they DO talk about the idols we all have in our hearts.

Togenberg said...

In a way I'm glad it's making the news, but in a way I'm unhappy that it is making news like this, i.e., another Hollywood silly person with oddball problems. It doesn't bring it home to Main Street.


Sort of wondering about the Harvest USA (cf. Judi above). Why is all homosexual behavior considered "addiction"? I have heard that before. Doesn't that sort of skew the def. of addiction (a spiritual status really, rather than definable behaviors)?