Friday, January 23, 2009

shadow pain

i can always tell when i react (or overreact as is usually the case) that it's rarely about the situation that i'm currently in - but it's about the unresolved junk from my past that is pushing my buttons. i call it the shadows. they lurk behind whatever it is in my present that makes everything look bigger, darker and loomier (i just made that word up) :D

identifying and taking away the shadow helps reduce everything to it's natural size and stops it from looming over me and pushing my buttons. hope just put this quote on her blog and i really liked it alot:

"Life work is always about learning to respond to the events in our present life with the emotional intensity appropriate to the event and not with the emotional intensity that was appropriate to tragic situations twenty or thirty years ago........Serenity or living in a state of recovery is all about letting yesterday be yesterday and today be today. Recovery is training ourselves by practicing daily disciplines to act in the present as the present and not from the emotional stance of a thousand past yesterdays"


Kel said...

what a wise woman you are to acknowledge reactive behaviour linked to past events

timely quote for me too

thanks for sharing it

Liz said...

Great blog! I've bookmarked it and intend to come back and read more.

Anonymous said...
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Togenberg said...

This is exactly what I am facing, or was intensely so, on my vacation. Button-pushing, old pain and sorrow and loss, disproportionate to the situation.

Wow great quote!