Monday, January 31, 2005

better definitions

okay, some good comments on the definition of 'woman' have gotten me thinking. and tina asks:
Doesn't seem wrong to me. I must confess, I'm surprised by the definitions. Where is nurturuing and compassionate? Where is creativity and genious?

What would your definition be?

good question tina. how would i define it? what do i want the definition to look like? how can i own my female-ness in a way that isn't defined by my role or my sexuality? this may be normal for other woman, it's not for me. it's a real struggle, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

here's what we've got so far:

stephanie said - 'I like the comments that encourage us to define who we are. For me it isn't "I am woman hear me roar" but rather I am woman let me dance, let me love, let my soul be filled with passion and as I dance through today may the tenderness and power of who I am cause others to ask themselves "who am I" and begin their own dance."

anj said - 'Is that wrong? Ummm...sounds pretty right on to me. How do you want to be defined? I'm thinking of this for me too - how do I want to be defined? I love being a woman - I want my defination to express that delight.'

connie said - 'Here's my contribution to the definition for woman:
-generative female human
-one who carries life, whether in a womb or in her heart
-grace bearer to the wounded - nurse
-nurturer, peacemaker, arbitrator'

WOW said - 'Maybe I breathe my own air a little too much (as Headless would say) because - the people I hang with, the circles I'm in - don't reflect that at all.
Women, for the most part, (with the exception of the opinion of a few idiots) are highly respected (often more than men) wonderful amazing children of God just like everyone else and just like the whole wide world.'

deb said - 'define me by who I am, not what I do or the preconceived, limiting terms that have defined women for many years.'

rebecca said - 'I too am tired of being defined by having kids'

rob added - 'You're a child of God. Beyond that, I suspect our definitions are arbitrary and not based in anything He cares about!'

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