Sunday, November 06, 2005

i love stolen time!

i don't know about you but cancelling something and creating a window of time is my favorite time in the world! we chose not to go to church today (because we didn't have to - yay!) and to stay home and get some stuff done before the weather soured (and boy are those clouds dark and stormy looking!!) stolen time is so guilt free for me - i just love it!

well - this was a huge technological weekend in our home - we just got our computer upgraded - it's not got a huge hard drive and super fast processor - i have NO idea what the numbers are, liam would, but he's outside - needless to say we're super fast and have tons of storage.

stupidly i said 'yes' to the itunes upgrade and now i'm in the same position i was a couple of months ago - it won't recognize and load my upgrade - argh! i'm sure we'll get it figured out.

having a reliable computer again will now allow me to write and update my blog. i have been putting it off because it crashed so often i would loose info - and that is so frustrating.

the other way cool thing was that we have had a chunk of change saved up for a new digital computer for liam. it wasn't huge, but enough to have a reliable, good quality one. we had been doing research and trying to be the best stewards we could be - and yesterday when we were out shopping for other things we stumbled upon a konica/minolta dimage z2 (a regularly $400 camera for $150.00) brand new! it's way more camera than we thought we would get, and for much less than we'd have to spend to get a much lower grade camera. we're just tickled!

we knew that heading back to school we needed these items because we probably wouldn't be in a place financially to have the cash to make these purchases. so now if i could only get my itunes to work again i'd be in techno geek heaven! :)

have a great day!

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