Saturday, November 12, 2005

this is how much youth specialties loves youth workers!

i was at marko's blog this morning and saw that he's getting lots of crap for some of the ancient /formative things ys is doing as part of their conventions.

it was these very things that god used to wedge open my brain and find my heart. i am so grateful to yac, marko and all of the ys staff for hearing god's call on hearing god and bringing the soul back into youthworker's lives and ministries.

last year the theme for the conventions was 'wide open' based on a passage in 2 corinthians. i've blogged on this quite a bit, but i've always wanted to blog on this jewel, hidden away, not public or in your face, but secreted on the inside of last year's t-shirt - just so some unsuspecting youth worker might find it, like i did, one day when i really needed a this reminder.

you see this image is on the inside of the t-shirt - a secret message of sorts, a little reminder that shows the depth of how committed ys is to the soul's of youth workers and the teens in the churches around the world. i hate that they are getting crap for the small minded, evangelicon's fear based religion. it makes me sad that energy that could be poured into the kingdom is being used to exhaust people out there doing the work, and doing it so very well.

i just wanted to say YAY and KEEP GOING to the YS staff, marko, tic, karla and company. there are so many of us who 'get it' now - and it'd because of the commitment that you have all made to taking this leap into long uncharted waters. thank you and god bless you - and give you lots of energy for this incredible convention that starts this week in nashville. you're in our prayers - have a ball, and don't forget to jump for me!

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