Friday, November 18, 2005

what a wasted week

well, it wasn't a waste, but i feel like we got NOTHING done. company always throws life into a bit of a tizzy. liam's sister and her family came to visit. it was great to see the new baby and catch up.

they just bought their dream home and will be moving in the spring. she asked 'how are you so calm? if it was me i'd be freaking out, and i'm just moving to the next town. you're moving to another country in a couple of weeks and i would just be so freaked out. how are you so calm?'

well, i was calm. really calm. honest i was. until last night at about 3:00 in the morning. then the voices started 'you should be freaked out', 'you are in denial', 'why are you so calm'.... so today i am a bit freaked out and trying to find the balance of 'yes we are moving and that is a ton or work and it's going to cost a fortune' and 'god will provide, we have lots of time, we're well organized and things will happen like they are supposed to happen...'

hopefully it will at least motivate us to make up for the time wasted in this past week on socializing and hanging out...

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