Friday, November 18, 2005

introverts repost

hey all - just in case you missed this the first time i'm reposting it - she's gotten a good reply, but i know more information will make the book more helpful in the long run - and that's what all of us weird introverts want, right?

please also feel free to link to the survey on your own site and spread the word virally. here's the post again:

i was contacted last week by a woman who is writing a book on helping the church understand and minister to introverts. she has an online survey to do some research - so if you consider yourself an introvert please help!

here's her info:

Help A Freelance Writer Single-Handedly Change the Church!

Well, do your part to help her write a book which will help churches be more introvert-friendly. This long-suffering soul has taken on the challenge of wrangling personal information from introverts and you owe it to her to do your part (afterall, if you’re an introvert, she’s trying to make things better for people just like you). She’s actually a published author (see her first book, “Life is Too Important to be Taken Seriously” on and ) and this research will help her to write her next book. Follow this link to fill out the quick survey (don’t worry, if it gets too personal, you can skip questions) and she will be eternally grateful.


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