Friday, November 04, 2005

needs meme

i LOVE this meme!!! it made me laugh all along the way - some of these 'needs' are so spot on it's shocking! some are just outright silly! just type your name and needs in " " into google and see what you NEED today! here's mine (i've bolded my favorites):

needs your help.

needs feeding, bathing, dressing her.

needs to tone down her foul language.

needs drapes for her window because the shade is all gone and the sun is bright in the afternoons.

needs to know that there is no correlation between the degree of freedom within a society and its actions in external affairs.

needs to start knitting ski masks.

needs to get real and get off her pity pot.

needs to understand that the Majority of the folks in that state DO NOT agree with her.

needs one of us to go over there, and show her a good time.

needs to eat better so that I can stay healthy.

needs no introduction.

needs her own site.

needs someone to warm her up a bit, she seems cold.

needs that much control.

needs a home.

needs our support.

needs clothing!

needs and craves attention.

needs some extra shampoo and another pairly of manly hands to give her follicles a good going over.

needs to speak a little faster and Garcia needs to sit up and not slouch as she does.

needs love.

needs to go to school.

needs a makeover.

needs to know you haven't forgotten her.

needs to tell stories. (MY FAVORITE!!)

needs to spend some more time on the Stairmaster.

needs to have more opportunities to expand her horizons.

needs a little math refresher.

needs to stop living in fear - help her Father.

needs a new pair of socks.

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