Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the second journey

my mind is exploding with this new thought, i have to blog it here:

"Of course we must be careful to make the distinction," said Claire briskly, "between the mid-life crisis and the Second Journey. The Second Journey usually beings in mid-life and is a time of profound spiritual growth; it's characterized by the desire to let go of youth and move on to explore the rewards and challenges of middle age. The mid-life crisis, on the other hand, is characterized by the desire to cling to a lost youth, the refusal to move on to the next stage of life, and an arrested spiritual development. The symptoms include not just the well-known tendency to have a love affair with someone much younger, but the clinging to a symbol of youth - a sports car, perhaps or some other much-loved significant object which should have been set aside long ago..."

i have NEVER heard of 'the second journey' before - i LOVE this concept, it's so much more life giving and honoring to this "new" stage liam and i find ourselves in. i kept waiting for the 'crisis' (my mother died at 43, so i wasn't able to watch her life in this stage as she was very sick by the age i am now) to happen. holding my breath as it were. to know that it's not inevitable, that we can choose profound spiritual growth and the 'rewards and challenges of middle age' with grace and dignity - i LOVE this!

okay, i know i've gone on and on - but you really need to read this book series - it's like years of therapy wrapped into the most compelling story line (start at the first glittering images - all of the stories are interconnected, and you'll grow to love each character - if you start in the middle it won't build like it should) i'll stop now...


cheryl said...

I believe Brennan Manning talks about the Second Journey in his Ragamuffin Gospel book. In my 40th year, I seem to be along that path as well.

TNQR Rev said...

I would strongly recommend sue monk kidd's "When the Heart Waits" if you have not already read it. This book has amazing imagery and insight into a woman's experience of mid-life. It follows the life cycle of a butterfly, and it is a beatiful experience.

bobbie said...

thanks tracy - yes, i have read it, but it was a couple of years ago - it might bear repeating! it is such a beautiful book, actually i think it might have started all of this! HA!