Monday, April 10, 2006

so pat, what did god have to say about this??

$2M In Debt, Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition Losing Its Base... | The Huffington Post

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Michelle said...

Wow, we are kindred souls! HOw nice it is to read a blog and feel that there really is someone out there going through a similar journey. Have you ever seen the book "Prayers to She Who Is"? Fabulous prayers (not pagan) to a feminine God. Also, I like Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd. She actually leaves Christianity, which I don't think is necessary, but still I related to many of her struggles. I found your blog because I was googling Doris Klein, my absolute favorite artist. Her art speaks to me on so many levels. I named my daughter Sophia Ruah (feminine terms, means Wisdom Spirit) and Doris Klein did a painting called Ruah and a newer one called Rooted in Wisdom, Sophia. I have an 8X10 of both of them now. The one called Rooted in Wisdom, Sophia has the face of an older woman under some tree roots and when I was giving birth, I was given a vision of myself growing roots and connecting with God, so it's really perfect. She has such a gift doesn't she?