Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this just in - jen lemen has an article ONLINE!!

one of the women who inspired me to blog is jen lemen (the other is renee). for those of you new to the blogosphere, i am so sorry. take a moment to grieve silently because you don't know what you missed. but here today i have the honor of directing you to an online article (although i don't see her name anywhere near it) for you to read. go, now, really. you'll remember just how much you missed her! and for those of you who don't know what you missed, i tell her often that i'd read her grocery list... ya, she's that good. love you jen!

SustainLane | Honoring Your Spiritual Life: A Beginner’s Guide

UPDATE: they loved both of her articles - and you will too!

SustainLane | Spring Rituals to Honor the Soul

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jen.lemen said...

thanks, bobbie! i'm so happy to be a "paid author" on this one, and i'm praying that these little pieces give someone i don't know the courage to take a first step on the road to love and spirit.