Monday, April 24, 2006

what a day

okay, so my husband went to emergency with chest pains (that he informed me right beforehand he'd been having for 4 days...) - he's okay, it must have been because of the cold medicine or heart burn or something, but they ran all of the tests, did all of the bloodwork and his heart is good and strong. me on the otherhand am a weak puddle of mush right now.

on top of that i got a copy of the letter the pastor who was supposed to buy my father's home sent him and indicates that no, he is not a man of dishonor as my 'good friend and realtor' tried to make him out to be. it was actually her who has dropped this ball massively and left us in this situation. i have forwarded all the information to my step-father-in-law (a very good realtor in ontario) to get his advice on any recourse we have (short of sueing her - which right about now sounds like a REALLY GOOD IDEA)... being 1000 miles away i wish my hands could reach out and touch someone... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

what a day... well - we're all safe (and healthy now...) and things could be a lot, lot worse, right?

thanks for listening, just had to get some of that out...


Tim said...

Woh. That must have been scary. I am so releaved that Liam's heart is good and strong.

wilsonian said...

The same word came to my mind... you must have been so scared!

So thankful that all is well... now we just need to get your heart rate back to normal!