Friday, May 19, 2006

ah the three day weekend!

one thing that canada has realized is the need for holiday - the summer pace is dotted with wonderful three-day weekends. this, the queen's birthday (or the may 2-4 holiday as most call it) is always celebrated the weekend before memorial day. (they also stick in a "civic holiday" in august just when you need it!)

things are looking up here. my friend was a huge help the other day and the next home is almost clean (have to still mop the floors, but i'm not doing that until right before we move in - even though i know i'll have to do it after too). it was just so nice not to be alone. the moral support meant a lot.

i have taped pink's room and it's ready for the lovely light chartreuse color that will look stunning with her pretty pink butterfly duvet cover. one of the things we promised the kids was that we would make their rooms special after the move - since this was just a temporary stop on the way it means that the next place needs some work to personalize them. it's tempting to let it slide, but i can remember as a kid how much identity i found in my room. it seemed my little sister was always getting the cute stuff and i somehow didn't. maybe my tastes ran counter to my mom's or frilly pink gunk was easier to find at the rummage sales? i dont know, but her room seemed to regularly be the focus of my mom's attention.

pink is getting the funky, cool tweenie room and it's been fun to work on and plan. i'm excited to see it come together. buck is into castles, knights and dragons - so we are doing our best to honor that (i'm just glad it's not race cars or hockey!). liam and i are going to paint our family crest on a shield (that way he can take it with him). while doing some research into the crest we found a latin motto - i have no idea if it specifically linked to our last name, or just one someone used, but we've claimed it for our family.


"to be rather than to seem"

isn't that great?? we'll make sure that is included on the shield. quite a motto for a young man to strive for.

so, this three day weekend will be spent together, hopefully cheerfully painting and prepping our new home. enjoying doing for us, even though it's a rental - and making it a place of peace.

we found out that the original owners of the home were the founders of the university. left in the living room was a tiny, little lighthouse trinket. i almost pitched it, but thought it might be special to someone. i come to find out that it is a tradition, a permanent fixture - passing from one family to the next - to remind us that this home is a lighthouse to our neighborhood. seems quite fitting don't you think?

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