Sunday, May 14, 2006

a day for the struggling

from 1988 to 1996 i loathed mothers day. my mother passed in 1988 and i was infertile for the eight years following. for women who are single and wanting to be married, married and struggling to conceive, those grieving the loss of a child or mothers with prodigal children this is the most difficult day on the calendar.

i loathed being forced to go to church, listen to some man give lip service to females one day of the year and then have to walk out as they 'honored' mothers with a cheap lousy carnation or bookmark. i wanted to beat them with it. one year i actually refused to take one.

the memory of seeing the blood each month, proving i was a failure, not fit to bear children or mother them - it's truly devastating. your own body becomes your enemy.

so today, i stand with you. i know it is only a gesture - but i remember the pain, the grief and the longing. i stand with you today.

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