Wednesday, May 17, 2006

jesus with skin on

i received an email this morning from my dear friend hope who saw the promises below and wondered if things were okay here. i can't lie to her - she knows me deepest, darkest parts - so i told her no, it's gotten hard again. liam's job was enough of a distration for a bit, but the newness of that has left and we are back to remembering what discouragement and burn-out feel like. we have realized that reaching out and asking for help involves trust, and trust is in short supply here. we've gotten burned by to many churches and it's hard to forget what that feels like.

it was easier to be financially needy and ask for prayer and help than it is to be emotionally desperate and wounded.

i wrote her back asking for prayer for some people here (the end of the school year and preperations for the europe trip have most people we would go to tied up in really demanding circumstances) to come and rescue us - there is just no motivation to get the things done for the move that need to be done and the stress of it all has us snipping and sniping at each other.

just typing out my response to her helped and not an hour later i had a phone call from a friend asking if she could come help me clean the new place to ready it for the move. the help cleaning won't be nearly as helpful as just having someone to talk to face to face.

the woman who will be our counselor arrives in about 5 weeks, but that seems so very far away. so if you think of us please say a prayer as the well is pretty dry and we must accomplish much in the next few weeks. reinforcements and encouragement would be so helpful. thanks!

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