Monday, August 14, 2006

readying for company

well we're less than 24 hours away from picking up my dad and aunt at the airport tomorrow. i think we're ready.

i've spent the last couple of days adding finishing touches and settling into the next layer of nesting here. more art hung, clutter that has accumulated in the past month swept away and the place is looking better than ever. company always has a great affect on that for me. no longer do we do it 'for company' though like we used to.

i grew up with a very sick mother - so we only really cleaned (which was really not cleaning, more like hiding) when someone was coming over. since i've started recovery i've learned that i am enough of a reason to have a tidy, ordered home. i like it that way, and i always want to teach my own children that by modelling it for them. they are so much farther ahead of the game than liam and i ever were.

so posting might be light(er... as i haven't been posting much - or it might be heavy, heavy, heavy if i'm needing to vent!) HA!

have a great day - i'm so looking forward to getting to go to the 'big city' (which on a scale of all of the major metropolitan areas i've lived by is a joke - but it feels big compared to what we've been exposed to lately) tomorrow. ttfn!

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