Wednesday, August 16, 2006

safe, sound and settling in

well they're here and it's so good to see them. i didn't realize how much i missed my dad. my aunt and i have been having such wonderful talks and comiserating about women in the church. she attends an lutheran church with a female pastor and just loves it. she's so supportive of me and my desire for ministry - it's so nice to have her on my 'side'.

we've spent today measuring my living room windows and cutting the fabric for the drapes. i had put it off until she got here because i have no confidence in my own abilities to manage such a big job. and while my fabric only cost $1/yard i still really like it (and it's a lot of fabric) and i was so afraid i'd screw something up and waste all of it. nice to have her experienced hands and mind here.

both my aunt and father have voiced how much our apartment feels so cozy, homey and warm. my aunt called it a great big hug. my in-laws felt the same when they were here - so i guess we have created a nice little nest here. it's wonderful for me to have that validated as it's been what i've spent so much of my time on since we moved in. i know we love it here - but it's so nice to hear it from others. my dad told me today he liked this space even more than our home in pennsylvania. yay! getting compliments from him can be few and far between sometimes.

i spoke with hope last week about wanting my father to tell me he was proud of me while he was here. somehow that is something that i have longed for forever. his validation means so much to me. hope reminded me that people tell us those things with different words sometimes - she encouraged me to listen carefully to what he did say instead of hoping for 'magic words' that would make it all better. i love that perspective, it's so much more graceful and removes the expectations i can build up for myself, and him - and allows us both to just enjoy our time together more fully.

pray all is well in your world!

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