Thursday, January 18, 2007

question and answers - part one

Amy A of pretty shiny blog

I think we are all at a loss for words.

A question: Have you done anything crafty or artistic you would like to show us?

Another: Do you think about writing a book at some point?
oh how i wish i had lovely images to post here for you to see... i don't think i have done anything since lent last year, and i have posted those... i'll try to find the links.

i have been pondering my home to see if there is something that is creative, but not "art" that i might show, and came up with my daughter's room. when we moved here we promised our kids that we would give them real, decorated rooms with a theme of their choosing. our pink wanted a funky tween room with a canopy - so i have spent a lot of the last 6 months working toward getting her room finished. and it's all done except her dresser needs painted, and it's just to dang cold to do so... so, here is a picture of pink's room:

and yes amy, i dream of writing daily. i have two real stories furnacing, one by myself, and one with liam. i spend much time dreaming and planning, and very little actually writing. i am struggling with dialog and how to write it so it doesn't sound so stilted. every time is sit to write i cringe at the dialog and end up so discouraged i stop for long periods of time (enough time to forget how actually bad i am at dialog...)

i have some books set aside on my wish list on amazon that might help me with this, but i think i have a lot of fear of not really being able to pull it together that sits in the back of my head and mocks me when i get close to actually putting 'pen to paper' as the saying goes...

thank you for taking the time to engage amy, it's helped to just have a direction to head today! hope you find your words too!


Patchouli said...

I started this look by painting the walls that beautiful Anaheim pepper /lime green. Em said it looked like the inside of a troll's nose and that was the end of that.(Her room is now three different colors that she painted herself.)
It's adorable! (and when has anyone actually seen the inside of a troll's nose and lived to tell about it?)

Amy A. said...

It's a girl dream room! So pretty.

Thanks for answering the questions. Be brave with your writing. I know you've got it in you.

Sarah Louise said...

What Amy said. Be brave!!

Trudging said...

Yes, what Amy said

Deb said...

I LOVE the room! Very, very cool.