Monday, January 29, 2007

wonderful, glorious me

okay, this is SO out of my range and element i just have to force myself to leave those words on the title... one of my goals for 2007 is to become more comfortable in my skin and aware of an content with my body. this is the first exercise i am doing in that vein. sorry guys, this is rather personal - read at your own risk.

a couple of weeks ago hugo had a link to a blog i have never read before, but the idea struck me so deeply i knew i needed to participate:

Zuzu has a post up this morning: Wonderful, Glorious, Me. She writes:

Let me try to open up the floor to give us a chance to do something together.

We’re conditioned, particularly as women, to be self-deprecating, to not take up space, to not revel in our bodies and ourselves. We can get 150 comments in a thread about when we realized that we were aware our bodies weren’t up to snuff; let’s see how many we can generate praising ourselves.

Your mission: list at least five things you love about your body and yourself. Five is the floor; you can always do more. And no self-deprecation! No offsetting a compliment with a dig.

this will take just about everything i have to do this. i am capable of recognizing postive things about "my self" but horrible at recognizing them about my body, so i am limiting myself to 5 things i "LOVE" (gosh that is a strong word) about my body. here goes:
  1. i have beautiful hair. it is thick, bright, unique and mine. i have had strangers stop me in public to ask me about my hair or compliment me, and even had a male friend in college ask me one day if he could just touch it. i even had a hairdresser in toronto steal my hair as he cut it. this was before the days of extensions and 'locks for life' and i was very relieved to hear that he was going to sell it and not go home and spread it all over his bed and roll in it.
  2. i am well proportioned. nothing looks out of place on me. although i am big i am shapely and rubenesque in the right places.
  3. i have great gams. i take after my mother, she had beautiful legs too.
  4. my feet are very pretty and feminine.
  5. i am happy with my breasts. it feels very weird to say that here, but that's what this is for, right?
  6. i couldn't come up with a #6 if i was held at gunpoint.
okay - your turn. guys if you've read this far and have body issues too feel free to play along. but ladies - you know who you are, consider yourself tagged.

wonderful, glorious me.


BarBarA said...

Are you my twin sister or did I accidentally post about myself on your blog? I feel the same way about my body, I could list many good things about my "self" but its harder to do about my body. BUT GUESS WHAT - I would have said the same five things you did!
1) hair
2) breasts
3) legs
4) full figured but proportioned well
5) feet (I may have said eyes - do eyes count?)

I will try to get the courage to do this on my blog because it's SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE!!! We are programmed to feel "less than" if we are not thin and "perfect" and that is wrong on so many levels!

Erin said...

Look at your courageous self! :)

Patchouli said...


I like my...


dr peg said...

I've been reading "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Northrup, MD. She suggests this exercise if body image is a problem for you.

Stand in front of a mirror twice a day for thirty days, look deeply into your own eyes, and say out loud, "I accept myself unconditionally right now." This may sound silly, but it works - and it can instantly point out ot you the areas in your life that need love and compassion.

I haven't started it yet, but I plan to give it a try.

Amy A. said...

I'll do it, but I need to think for a bit. I think I'll steal your title, too! (and link you)

Love your list. I dare you for number 6. I know you can do it!

Hope said...

I finally responded to this post today. Alas, no list though.