Friday, June 15, 2007

i weigh 224 lbs.

this changes so much for me.

thank you jen


Friar Tuck said...

Very encouraging stuff. With my job history in relation to weight and being threatened to lose my job because I was too fat, I loved hearing what you had to say.

Jennifer said...


I remember watching a film where women were asked to draw the outline of their body on a large piece of paper tacked to a wall. They had to draw it freehand and try to make it fit the shape of their body as best they could. Then, they would have a partner trace their actual body shape. Every single woman thought she was MANY inches bigger in every part of her body than she actually was. It was fascinating to me.

I love this video - very empowering.


Patchouli said...

"we need to expand our souls..."

letting those words dive into y heart

~m2~ said...

so true, so honest, so real.

Dan Brennan said...


I am so glad this touched you.