Friday, June 08, 2007

off to be tourists

our family is heading north to one of the larger cities in our province to be tourists. we are replacing the "school trip" my daughter's class was taking (6 days to a major city in 5th grade with only 4 chaperones - none of which are mothers of said 5th graders... nope, sorry, can't go... it was really the fact that 4 5th grade girls would be in a hotel room alone without anyone to empower them not to watch any little thing on television they chose to or 100 other things a mother thinks of that could happen. 5th grade alone is hard enough, let alone being far away if someone was cruel or one gets ditched at the mall, etc.)

so we're doing our own class trip of sorts. a friend is letting us use their home while they aren't there and it will allow us to be able to spend our $$ being tourists.

we'll take lots of pictures as some of the sites we will see (one in particular) is truly breathtaking. the weather also seems as if it will be cooperating.

have a wonderful weekend, back monday evening.

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Trudging said...

Ooo geeze 5th grade girls alone in a hotel room. I don't think so