Wednesday, June 27, 2007

perfectly anxious

i have so much to do and no brain to do it. i'm trying to make reservations, coordinate schedules, write "to do" lists and survive the "momcani" moments of my two kids being home for the summer. earlier this week we had lovely 70 degree weather - yesterday and today look to be in the 90's - as if i needed another reason to sit in front of a fan reading... sigh.

the worst part of being the grown up is that there is no one to come along to pick up the slack and broken pieces you leave behind... i know i'm forgetting things and leaving things far too long before they are done - but dang it's hot, i'm ovulating and i need a vacation from my vacation! this story today says it perfectly:

perfectly anxious

missing a perfectly good day
because she's sure
that she should be
anxious about something


oh, and if anyone tells me "to be anxious about nothing" i will snap. obviously they have never tried to occupy two kids in an apartment for the summer while all of their friends mothers were smart enough to put their friends into soccer/swimming lessons/camp. i know it's only 3 more days before we leave and only 10 days before my own are in camp - but dang these two are not as easy to distract, entertain and engage as they used to be... help!

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wilsonian said...

Hmmm... sending up some prayers for y'all.