Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the beauty of her soul

my dear friend anj has returned to a best and worst and i read it with great joy this morning, i also felt her pain as she posted about her dance with fear in her adjustment to living with the chronic disease of rheumatoid arthritis.

i left a comment on her blog, but i wanted to pay tribute to the beauty of her soul, the immensity of the light she carries and to encourage her in my small way to understand how god has used her in my life.

i included this image because i have noticed something in some of the conversations we've had recently, she is expert at taking my thoughts and words and helping me to connect the dots. she ties these loose strings together and shows me with her words how things that seem so very random to me are god's fingerprints in my life.

i truly feel like a novice sitting at my loom, frustrated and afraid i won't be able to continue the work i'm called to do, and the master weaver comes along side me and helps me tie up the loose strings i've been given and continue with the work i have to accomplish - the weaving of the tapestry that is my life.

oh dear anj, please know you have the words of life, they pour from you like a spring. i am so grateful for your involvement in my tapestry, for apprenticing this novice as i struggle with warp and weft to continue weaving, noticing everything now, remembering to be present, to keep the tension of the threads in place so that what is created is as full of color and life as possible.

i love you anj, i am holding you and your weavings today in the light. thank you for being my friend.

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