Sunday, August 28, 2005

oh the beauty and rest

blogging from dawsonwood and it is a wonderful thing. connie has outdone herself here and we are so enjoying getting to know her husband rob and her dog babe.

the view of the river, the comfort of the soft, warm beds and the decorations and art are all soothing our souls here. it is just what we needed!

connie is at camp this week, so i am unable to ask her about her amazing artwork throughout the cottage. the theme of doors, doorways, gates are resounding to my soul. they speak so of 'next' and the unknown. each are unique and beautiful and all lead to a different room, home or garden i'm sure. unfortunately we don't have monty hall and the 'let's make a deal' crowd here to help us choose which one we're to open. but i guess, who needs monty hall when you've got the holy spirit, right?

well all, have a glorious day - we'll be the ones in the paddleboat - enjoy!

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