Monday, August 15, 2005

it is finished!

finished, but far from over... liam is a man without a drug (work) today... pray for him. he said if anyone asks how he's doing is should use the word "crushed"... sigh.

85 at youth group last night - but he's incompetant... it's so hard not to hate those people who send their own children out as spies... well, we finished well. now on to 'next'.

that looms very large today. i found out that i made a huge immigration mistake by not sponsoring liam myself instead of using the r-1 visa. we thought that the 'in the country five years' thing applied, but only to permanent residents... sigh. we have a long shot we're working on, but it's really a long shot. please pray that is a possibility, otherwise school here in the states is probably out of the question financially...

so that either means work, another church or heading back to canada for school. oh lord we need that light for our path please! another ministry would be a marvelous thing (instead of a church) but we have no ideas or leads and liam is so fried and overwhelmed right now he truly can't even put into words what he longs to do. what happens when you mix burn-out with a mid-life crisis and throw in a little spiritual abuse for seasoning?? he found this article and is afraid it is all too true.

please also pray for me - liam is my rock (yes, i know jesus is supposed to be my rock - and he is, but liam has always been so solid for me) - watching him endure all of this is excruciating (and not being the co-dependent fixer to make it all better is so difficult). we will be working on 'the path' curriculum together to the best of my abilities. it is my hope that he can find within that which breathes life into his soul.

i have found what i think is a really good option for school in canada - i found it in a round about way - wilsonian quoted dan wilt and he had a link on his blog (he's also going to be teaching there) and i found st. stephans university in new brunswick. yes, i just typed the words new brunswick... yikes. it looks to be a place where we can learn in community - without constantly having to fight the 'seminary' mindset - they have a masters in ministry degree, and while liam could walk his way through a more 'famous' masters program, we just don't have the energy right now - we really need a safe place to land.

so that is life here today. we were given this quote on a plaque from liam's intern:

What the catapillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

Richard Bach

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