Friday, August 12, 2005

what’s so good about marriage?

jeremy my favorite photographer/monk/teacher/blogger has returned from his summer sabbatical to ask this question. i am late to the party and have had the luxury of follow up posts and have seen that he is seeking good news, great stories and the positive spin to that major-est of major commitments - marriage (please say it with me - 'mah-wedge')

i honestly meant to write a tribute to liam on his 40th birthday, but life and time ran away, so i've been brewing with all that has happened/is happening here to take a moment and put fingers to keys that add up to a post that both answers jeremy's question and reminds liam of my love and commitment to him and to us.

lover, comrade, amigo, accomplice, soul-mate - you are all and more. no one else in this world understands the short-hand of a look, or the unnecessary need to finish the thought because words aren't needed. no one takes the time to argue with me, to challenge me, to inspire me and to sharpen me like you do.

from the moment you wake up in the morning and stumble to the bathroom in your tighty-whities i am struck with how intimately i know you. like nothing else in this world i know and am known. the intricate interplay between these two who are one - separate, equal, similar and yet so very different.

no one can move me like you do - to each extreme of the emotional scale - depths of anger and frustration that terrify both of us; to heights of passion and joy where the air is so thin we are giddy with rapture.

our morning coffee ritual is my favorite time of the day - sitting with you at our common table, watching the wheels in your brain spin and engage mine like cogs in a machine - we take each other into thoughts and realms of possibility and purpose. it is as i only dreamed it could be one day 18 long years ago. the evolution of who and what we are apart and together is epic in nature and the greatest story in the world to me. even if it never influences or affects anyone but our children i know that we know, and that is all that truly matters.

in a crowd your are the only eyes i seek, i search the room in a frantic, introverted panic until they rest on your face, and then i am calm, serene even. i can endure all because you are there. you are a rock in the storm of life. so stable, so sure. the way your eyes crinkle on the sides and your face breaks into it's happiest moments thrill my heart. to hear your hearty laugh inspires my soul to great places of joy. to know the safety of your arms, and your massive hands that wrap me up and dwarf me, even me. there is nothing like the feeling of being safe in your arms.

they may have stolen much from us - but these things, and more they cannot touch. all that is good in life we still have - and i would and will travel with you to the ends of the earth to follow the path god has for us together.

i love you babe, and as we head into this new frontier together i am thrilled to do it by your side.

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