Tuesday, August 30, 2005

quick update

quick update, not a lot of time to write and the kids are goofing around in the other room, so my brain is not engaged, but i did want to post and say things are going really well.

i got a chance to visit connie with her husband rob last night at camp - those salvation army teenagers were among the most talented i've ever seen/heard/watched - wow! seeing connie, even for the short bit of time we had was wonderful. i love these intense friendships that pick up right where they left off. it was wonderful to see her in her element calling forth beauty and teaching art to these teens, using her gifts and connecting with such vibrant, talented youth.

i also got to pick her brain about my own path and give her updates on how i'm beginning to own my story.

speaking of 'the path' - liam and i are working through the workbook while we are here. i know how much it helped me last november to identify and define my own passions and call - i know it will help him to be able to do the same. if anyone has a moment to pray for him we'd really appreciate it - tomorrow we will be working on his action words and core values - a crucial time to the process. i've asked connie to help noodle the words to see if any type of mission statement jumps out at her - anyone else want to be involved in the process?? anj? steph? lisa? mike & sue?? idelette? georgia? (if i've forgotten anyone please don't be offended...) this is the part i knew would be difficult with just the two of us - the more input and creativity in this step will make it much richer and deeper for him.

have a wonderful night all!

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