Sunday, August 07, 2005

back in town

wow! what a difference a week makes - in my mind, my heart and even here on my blog! whew! if you've missed it there is a most amazing conversation going on in my comment section in response to this post. i plan on responding directly, but want to acknowledge that right before i left i was gathering tony's, doug's and brian mclaren's emails from their blogs to write them directly, but ran out of time before we left for west virginia.

while at his blog i saw doug's post about the frustrations and junk he's dealing with right now at SP and i was sick that i could have added to any pain or frustration he was facing. we're in a hurtful ministry time too - and know how fragile that feels, and i want to apologize if i added to that in any way. i debated removing the post, but knew that he could have read it already or someone could have copied it and it could have hurt just as much either way.

i still stand behind what i wrote, i do want to apologize though for any words written in anger. i'll post on that soon.

what i do want to post on was the amazing week we had. i renewed my call and re-established the true love i do have for teens - i had forgotten how much i enjoy their spirit and their souls - they are so full of life. we truly had an incredible time away, and man did we work! at breakfast before we left we were told by the owner of the ministry we stayed at that we accomplished a full year's worth of work for them and the youth drop in center there in town. a full year! that felt incredible.

i realized as i sat on the deck of the cabin and watched the sun rise over the misty mountain tops that we are very good youth ministers (both of us!) and the choices the leadership at the church have made are wrong, but they have set us free - free to find next, free to heal and find a true place of worship where we are both free to use our gifts and skills.

only a week more - and i don't even know if i'll be going to church today. we're drop dead exhausted. poor liam - he's like a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed out all over - too little butter spread over too much toast. my dear, dear bilbo!

tomorrow is his birthday - 40 years old - whew!! we'll be making a bunch of big deals, both here and in canada - but tomorrow is just for our family. quiet time together to celebrate us - the things they can't touch or steal - the things that are more important and far more valuable.

have a wonderful day, i'll post more later! love you all and thanks so much for your prayers - it was far more than i could have ever hoped!

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